21 September 2008

I Have To Meet My Professor

This Tuesday, Sarah Palin will be meeting with Dr. Henry Kissinger. Palin is trying to prepare herself for the upcoming vice-presidential debate, while also attempting to learn something (anything!) about foreign policy and the world. Who better to talk to than Kissinger.

I would just love to be at this meeting. Quick, what words come to mind when you envision this duo: mismatch, asymmetrical, or maybe lopsided?

Here are just a few of the the things I would interested in knowing:

1. Does Sarah Palin even know who Henry Kissinger is?

2. Will their accents clash?

3. Did she have to email first to find out about Dr. Kissinger's office hours?

4. What the hell is Palin going to do when Kissinger starts pontificating about Metternich and the Congress of Vienna? Will she take notes like a good undergrad, nod off, or ask Henry if this will be on the test?

5. Will she bring an atlas or a small globe just in case Kissinger mentions a place she has never heard of?

6. Will she ask Henry if he has ever shot a moose? What will be his response?

7. Will she question his policies regarding Vietnam, Chile, Allende, or East Timor? Okay, maybe not.

8. How long will it take before Kissinger realizes that this teaching session is a lost cause?