28 December 2006

"Present at the Creation"

I think it was Dean Acheson who first used that catchy "creation" title--I'm sure he won't mind it if I use it here as I initiate this project. If I am actually able to keep this blog current, I hope to do several things. First, during the school year I will use it to communicate with my students, post assignments, and make class announcements. Second, I will offer my own political commentary on whatever topics I deem important and relevant. And that commentary will not be balanced--it will represent my political inclinations. And third, I will solicit frequent guest commentary from students, friends, and others in order to keep the contents of this blog fresh and at least somewhat interesting.

My guess is that it will take a while to figure out what specific topics to cover. When school begin in January, course issues will probably dominate Books and Bait. But ultimately, I hope to focus more on politics, news, history, books, and even throw in some lighter topics like sports, movies, and restaurant reviews.

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