15 January 2007

Same Old, Tired Antics from Republicans

The tired, sad, and pathetic Republican noise-machine is at it once again. It's what they do best.....actually, it's the only thing they do!

A rather benign exchange between Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, set off Republican alarms late last week. Boxer's children are too old to be fighting in Iraq (at least for now), and Rice has no children. Because of this, Boxer tried to make a point how neither one of their immediate families were directly affected by Bush's Iraq War escalation.

How could she say that, demanded the Republicans? Tony Snow called Boxer's comments "a great leap backwards for feminism." Rush Limbaugh accused Boxer of "trying to lynch" Rice right before Martin Luther King Day. Saying that Boxer had taken a swipe at all women who chose not to have kids, these long-time male chauvinists were actually attempting to stand up for feminists. No thanks! None of the feminists that I know want the FOX crowd or a bunch of white, male conservatives doing their political bidding.

But this worn-out ruckus is all the Republicans have these days. They can't govern, can't pass any domestic legislation, can't even begin to fathom public opinion, can't run a war, can't operate a coherent foreign policy.......they can't really do anything. Except.....these bullies can make sure if they hear something that even appears slightly controversial--they can yell and scream like privileged little children seeking attention. How dare the Democrats even question this war!

These pathetic losers tried this tactic when John Kerry made his infamous faux-pas before the November election. I said at the time that it would not help the Republicans, it might actually backfire. And it did! Why, because most of the country was wise to these depraved antics. And I was correct, the public didn't care what John Kerry said or didn't say; the public cared about how Bush and his Republican thugs were screwed up the country.

This is just more of the same from these dismal and wretched toughs. The Karl Rovian bully tactics don't work anymore. We have nothing to apologize for--(make sure to read these great comments by Feministing).

Books and Bait Lures: I hope you all enjoyed the book review by Doctor J last week. We now have a fiction reviewer who will be a regular contributor to the site--you will read more about that later in the week. In addition, another contributor is seriously considering keeping us informed on pending progressive/liberal legislation in Washington. I hope Books and Bait will be adding that to the site very soon. In the meantime, spread the word about this blog and submit some comments if you have the chance.

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L.P. said...

In Rush's defense....I'm sure it was just the drugs talking.