25 April 2007

Nice Hair

The long-haired, disheveled gentleman to the left is Nick Swisher, first-baseman/outfielder for the Oakland Athletics. Swisher is a very good baseball player who is too-often criticized by obnoxious fans because of his hair. Here are a few random comments from an AOL sports website (the quotes and grammer are exact):

"This guy like all the other so called hero's should all cut their hair so as to like a male."

"While watching the recent series oakland played against the Yankees, I couldn't help but notice the difference in how each team looked. Oakland looked like a bunch of bums."

"Still a dirty hippie."

I have always wondered why anyone gives a shit how a baseball player looks anyway. What business is it of the fans if a guy has long hair?

Anyway, here is the kicker to this story. It seems as though Swisher (whose hair currently looks even wilder than in the picture) is growing his hair out in order to
donate it to help make wigs for women suffering from hair loss caused by cancer treatment.

That's right.....
Swisher's cause, and tribute to his grandmother (who raised him and died of cancer in 2005) is to work with the Entertainment Industry Foundation and the Women's Cancer Research Fund. He is encouraging others to donate real hair to be made into wigs.

P.S. Just so you all know I do have a sense of humor, and am not serious about everything, I will add several pictures of other great baseball "hair-moments" of the past. If Books and Bait readers have other hair pictures to contribute, please send.

Oscar Gamble, circa 1976 (below)

(right) Mike Piazza goes bleached blond, summer of 2001.....Mets remain in last place.

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CSP2003 said...

Are you sure that is Oscar Gamble's hair? It reminds me a bit of an old picture I saw of you.