04 April 2007

What the Hell is This?

Have you folks seen this picture? The village idiot Bush is saying something inane about Iraq--but what the hell is Cheney doing lurking around in the weeds? This guy is scary isn't he? You think Bush knows he's there? I don't see his hands, maybe he's taking a piss.


L.P. said...

Isn't it obvious? Cheney is speaking into the microphone hidden in his lapel, which is connected to the earpiece hidden in Bush's ear. Cheney is the basically the ventriloquist and Bush is the dummy!


Anonymous said...

I know, I know! He's looking for the parakeets buried by Teddy Roosevelt's children.

Anonymous said...

Did you photoshop this? It is too good to be true!

Those aren't weeds - those are Bush's bushes!


hwki said...

I think Cheney is holding the remote control to the brain control mechanism hid in the nearby light post.