10 February 2008

Show This Picture Every Day

We need to show this pathetic and disgusting picture each and every day from now until the November election. We are not only running against John McCain, we will be running against McCain and Bush. We will be running against a third-term for George Bush.....or McBush or something like that (I will take suggestions on a name for this vile creature in the snapshot).

And if Democrats are afraid or hesitant to link these two clowns, we won't deserve to win in the fall. Forget this phoney bipartisanship crap--let's stick it to the Republicans.

Don't they look silly?


CSP2003 said...

A possible title for this picture could be Embracing Ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Now that W has officially endorsed McCain this picture is not as silly as it is sad. What is so sad you may wonder? The thought that anyone is still listening to W.

CSP 2003

Anonymous said...

You certainly have taken your own advice to "show this picture every day."