11 March 2008

A Waste of a Good Governor

I actually don't think hiring a prostitute is anyone's business. And I believe there are more insidious ways for a politician to betray the public trust. But New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer is a dumb-ass. Paying for sex might be a private matter, it probably doesn't influence public policy, and the FBI could be doing more important things--but Eliot Spitzer is a dumb-ass.

Why do this? Why wreck a promising political career over something so trivial. I don't quite understand. I have no real moral qualms with Spitzer's behavior--I have stupidity issues though. I hope if he does resign, he doesn't blame it all on a momentary moral lapse. He should hold a press conference and just admit that he is a dumb-ass.

Of course, we all know you don't have to be smart to hold high office. But Spitzer apparently earned a perfect score on his LSAT--he should have known better. President Bush, on the other hand, (a perfect example of a moron elected to a high of office) is simply not very smart. If I discovered that Bush hired a prostitute, I am not sure what my reaction would be. I guess it would at least keep him out of the Oval Office for a few minutes.

One more thing--Spitzer spent $5000.00 on this bimbo. What do you get for that price? Maybe I'm too old, but I can't imagine how one would get his money's worth from this tryst. Any ideas on this? Please let me know.

And maybe I shouldn't use the word bimbo for a $5000.00 prostitute. I should have more respect.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the time honored tradition of keeping a mistress? At least kept women have more to lose by exposing their sugar daddy than a random prostitute has for outing a trick. Besides like it or not it is just classier to keep a mistress and that makes it somehow easier to forgive (just ask Giuliani) people can delude themselves that "love" is involved which makes it morally less repugnant.
I agree that the FBI has better things to do than bust a call girl ring. But, I also object to the thought that a powerful man (especially a politician) being caught with his hand in this particular type of cookie jar is anything new. Scandalous, please, Washington has a long history of brothels they've been their as long as congress has.
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