01 January 2007

First Resolution for the New Year

Woke up to these distressing NYT headlines today, "3,000 Deaths in Iraq, Countless Tears at Home" and "Another Grim Milestone for U.S." How dare the liberal media only report the bad news! I expect we will be hearing that from the right-wingers in the next few weeks.

What was the first thing my partner did on this bright January, 2007 morning?--she wrote to her elected representatives about Iraq, urging them to withdraw American troops and not pour any additional resources into this insane and futile quagmire.

A pretty good way to start the new year I believe. There are many things we can do to try and stop this madness in Iraq; but we must at least keep up the pressure on our elected officials. In particular, those vulnerable senators up for re-election in 2008 must be told that we are monitoring their actions on Iraq (that's you Norm Coleman). And the recently elected Democrats need some subtle pressure. Remember, many of our new charges gained only small victories in swing states and districts. They are uneasy and apprehensive about public opinion. Let them know why they were elected and who elected them. We must hold their feet to the fire once in a while. Besides, let them know that public opinion is on our side now.

Some offices are changing in the upcoming party transition--but you should be able to go to the following links and find an address. Let's keep the pressure on these people!

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives


Anonymous said...

The Democrats need more than subtle pressure. There are too many ominous signs that they will wimp out,take the easy road, hold some hearings, but not do anything to actively reverse course and bring the troops home. Growing a spine is a tough job. But if the hapless Mets of the all too recent Mo Vaugh/Timo Perez/Roberto Alomar era can make the playoffs, there might even be home for the Dems!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog and had high hopes that it would be characterized by highbrow and intellectual commentary. Boy....was I right! Anyone who can tie together current politics with the Mets of the early 21st century is indeed a deep and thoughtful thinker. And, oddly enough, a correct one.

As I am on vacation I have no time to add to this post today but look forward to picking up threads and laying down challenges regarding America's foreign relations, current political situations and, of course, the only topic truly worthy of extended discussion, the state of Major League Baseball, then and now.

Anonymous said...

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