05 January 2007

And She Wore Purple

When you are somewhat of a cynic like I am (probably just more of an old coot actually), it's often hard to find that more hopeful and idealistic side. But it still surfaces once in a while and I am always happy to let it see the light of day.

Nothing better to bring out my rosy and optimistic nature than the Democrats taking control of Congress! But more importantly, seeing that Nancy Pelosi wore purple--the color associated with women's rights and the women's movement.....well that made me downright misty-eyed. A women is Speaker of the House. She replaced an old fat white guy, who followed 137 other old fat white guys in that position. I will say it again, a women is Speaker of the House.

I still seethe when I see this picture--and I have kept it around just so I don't forget what kind of country we live in under the Bush regime. If you are not aware, these extremely white old men are all watching Bush sign a partial-birth abortion ban. You might be able to see Rick Santorum smiling, and Dennis Hastert with a smirk on his face. I think you all get the irony of the picture. Well, maybe these days are coming to a close. I sure hope so.

A women is Speaker of the House. I am proud of Speaker Pelosi and proud of the Democrats. But I must mention some other names here. Just a few of the women of the past who made this possible--a few names we should never forget. I salute Jane Addams, Crystal Eastman, Ella Baker, Emma Goldman, Florence Kelley, Lillian Wald, Betty Friedan, the Grimke sisters, Fannie Lou Hamer, Lucy Parsons, Margaret Sanger, Rose Schneiderman, and Alice Paul. There are many, many more--but maybe this will keep us all thinking about what happened today. A women is Speaker of the House.

By the way, do you think the "leaders" in that picture have heard of any of the women in the above paragraph?

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L.P. said...

Three cheers for Nancy Pelosi! And three cheers for Buddy for his strong support of women leaders! Also a gentle reminder that "partial birth abortion" is a misleading and inflamatory term made up by the right-wingers; there is, in fact, no such thing as a "partial birth abortion." There are, rather, late term abortions and a doctor chooses the method that will most likely protect the health of the woman.