08 January 2007

Trouble in Africa

This one isn't going away soon my friends, so let's get ourselves educated. Somalia has become terribly messy and I fear it will soon will be part of the open-ended War on Terror. No, there won't be American troops sent to Somalia--but a kind of proxy war is distinctly possible.

There has been instability for some time in Somalia (and that is an understatement). But a bad situation became much worse when neighboring Ethiopia invaded several weeks ago to prop-up a transitional government/faction and throw out the Islamic group which had been in power since this past summer.

Ethiopia has promised to withdraw all of its forces, but commentators in Somalia see serious trouble ahead. Will this become a new battleground in the War on Terror? Will Ethiopia sell itself to Washington as a friend in Africa and ask for help. With Al-Qaeda now offering its support for the retreating Islamic side, a long and violent insurgency is a distinct possibility.

And please don't underestimate the stupidity of the Bush administration on this one. If Ethiopia spins this regional conflict as defending freedom-loving Christians against Islamic terrorists--the White House might believe they have to at least offer something. And that initial, small offer of support often leads to more. This might also be a way for the American military to justify some kind of intervention into Africa.

I hope that Books and Bait readers will school themselves on this serious global situation from the start. The American Military-Industrial Complex often gets its way on these obscure foreign policy issues because the public is too busy to care. But I know that our readers won't let that happen. Please keep me posted and I will continue with updates.

Definition: Thanks to The Urban Dictionary for yet another valuable and timely new word for our collective vocabularies. Enterdrainment was the Urban Word of the Day on Sunday:

Any passive form of entertainment that is so incredibly mind-numbing that it sucks the intelligence from the listener or viewer; ultimately over time, reducing (or limiting) them to a simplistic proto-human mental state, incapable of cognition or rational thought. Sports, celebrity gossip, country music, talk radio, call-in show, soap operas, and reality-TV are considered by many to be Enterdrainment.

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