22 January 2007

Why I am Pro-Choice

I thank all of the Buddy's Books and Bait readers who submitted "Blog for Choice" responses. If you have additional remarks, please feel free to use the comment section at the end of the following posts. dew

I am pro-choice because......Women should have full and complete control over our bodies. No one--not church, not state, not church masquerading as state--should usurp that right. And I am pro-choice because my parents raised me right! L.P

I'm pro-choice for 3 reasons that I can articulate:
1. It is THE right thing to do;
2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you-I don't want others telling me how to care for my body and I'll try not to tell them how to care for their body;
3. As a man I see everything from a different perspective. I will never know what it is like to be pregnant, carry a baby, deliver a baby or experience any of the other things that are associated with pregnancy. I will do my best to be as understanding as possible, but I still view all of those experiences through a different set of lenses. For me this perspective just makes point #2 stronger. Taber

Duh! Pamela

When so-called pro-lifers come out against capital punishment [where innocents are killed due to incorrect evidence, racism, and botched investigations]; against the NRA and the gun lobby; and against deceitful and unnecessary wars that kill thousands of innocents, maybe then will I take a serious look at the "principles" that gave rise to the pro-life, anti-abortion movement.
-Ratzo Rizzo (St. Paul, MN)

I am pro-choice because I'm really just trying to manage my own business and am not interested in everybody else's. Amy Brugh

I have always believed......always, that the primary aim of the anti-abortion crowd is the social, cultural, and professional subjugation of American women. These twisted reactionaries want to put women “in their place” and take the country back to some idealized time when women served men, took care of the family, and understood their place in society. And the right-wingers have always known that once women finally secured certain freedoms, like reproductive and sexual rights, society would adapt, changes would be swift, and control over women would cease. The outcome, in their sick minds, would be devastating—women would join the work force, run for office, speak out on social issues, and even challenge the authority of the husbands. Hell on earth!!!!!

That’s why we must never compromise with these perverse individuals. They care little about fetuses--what they want is power. And believe me, these right-wingers stay up nights lamenting and shedding tears over what has happened since the 1960s: women’s rights, feminism, racially-mixed marriages, gay marriages, civil rights. These fools are still hoping for a return to that John Wayne, “Father Knows Best” society of some past time.

That’s why choice is critical and that’s why we need to remain diligent and fight them on every single, solitary reproductive rights issue. If choice ends, what will happen to women’s wages and other opportunities? I think we all know (these things are already skewed). And what about the number of women in public office, family leave legislation, professional and academic prospects—do you think those gains would remain? They want to rip it all down, brick-by-brick.....but we can’t allow it.

Yes, I am for choice. I happen to believe in absolute, unequivocable women's rights....period. No caveats, no "men and women are made differently" arguments, and no silly bible references on this subject. I, for one, don’t wish to live in some kind of white male, fundamentalist Christian “Handmaid’s Tale” theocracy. But if we let our guard down, and we decide to compromise with these folks on anything, that might just happen. ppmccoy