22 January 2007

Why I am Pro-Choice, by Doctor J

It's all in the name we have chosen to assign to this, isn't it?

Pro—in favor of; Choice—a basic human right as guaranteed under the Constitution, specifically in the Bill of Rights. In several places in the Bill of Rights, as a matter of fact. Leaving the details aside (they are there for all to see), the Constitution protects a human beings' right to choose what happens to them (death, taxes and conscription aside). That should be enough.

But don't forget about the Declaration of Independence. True, that document is a philosophical statement, not a body of law, but Americans have come to base their values, and policy, on it. Especially on the part that bestows "certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Of course, the pursuit of happiness doesn't apply here. This is simply a euphemism for property. Ask Benjamin Franklin, he'll tell you. What makes us happy? Stuff. Money. Property, broadly defined. (If one is a selfish gluttonous simpleton.) It is our right, said the Founders, to pursue what makes us happy, that is, wealth. Debatable, to say the least, as to whether such a right should be so celebrated. But, as to the others….

The Right of Life is not the right to define, by law or otherwise, every sperm and every ovum as human life with full rights. That's patently ridiculous. Put a sperm or an ovum out on the streets all by itself and see how it fends. Can it pay the rent? Contribute to the tax base to help provide schools and health care and national security? Give directions to the State Theater? Breathe? Eat? Sustain? Of course not.

The Right of Life means the right to choose one's life and lifestyle, to make one's own way, to self-identify, to go as far as one's talents will allow in whatever productive, socially responsible way one chooses, relatively unencumbered by governmental or religious institution, whether benign or tyrannical. Ask Thomas Jefferson. He'll tell you.

The Right of Liberty is not the right to do whatever one wants regardless of the consequences, but to do what's best for one's self within the context of what also benefits others and society as a whole. You can't kill a guy and steal his riches. Good for you, perhaps, but not so good for him. And a bad example to society at large.

The Right of Liberty allows us to choose for ourselves the kind of Life we want, as long as it does not impinge on the choices others make. It, then, insures that one may abort an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy. It may indeed be what is good for that person at that point in her life. It may even save her life. Liberty allows us to do what is in our best interests as long as it does not harm others or society as a whole. Those who claim that abortion does harm others and society have yet to provide a reasonable example to back that claim.

So, I am Pro-Choice not for emotional reasons (it's none of my business, is it, what people do in their private lives as long as it doesn’t impinge on my Life or Liberty), or religious reasons (religion has no place in governance, see the Constitution), or economic reasons (don't you love the idiotic argument that all those abortions would have grown into employees and taxpayers, so abortion drains our long term economy? How many of them would have become serial killers? Alcoholics? Child molesters? Vice Presidents of the United States from Wyoming? Or worse?).

I am Pro-Choice because that is what America is about. It's in our philosophy, our code, our sacred texts. One cannot be American without being Pro-Choice.

It's all in the name we have chosen to assign to this, isn't it?

Pro-Life. How could any reasonable person argue with someone who is in favor of Life? Because they are not. Those who stand on the Pro-Life label are actually standing on ANTI-basic human rights as stated in the Declaration and guaranteed by the Constitution. In other words, they are un-American. And that makes them dangerous. They do not share the foundational American values of our Founders or our present day society (public opinion polling proves the latter unequivocally). To allow Pro-Life to be used as a name is to be unpatriotic, even treasonous. These people might better be called Against American Values and Human Rights. Because that's what they are. Ask Thomas Jefferson. He'll tell you.

Doctor J

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