20 February 2007

George W. and George W.

Thank you President Bush for making such dumbass statements that I have something to write about.

Yesterday (President's Day), our illustrious leader compared himself favorably to George Washington. We all know that George Washington is still considered one of America's greatest leaders. Bush on the other hand (and I will quote
Wonkette on this one), "is a jackass who actually lost one election to Al Gore and nearly lost another to John Kerry. He lost both wars he started." Well-said.

Bush drew parallels between what Washington faced and the troubles that he now confronts with the War on Terror. The president stated that Washington and his "ragged Continental Army" faced disaster, but in the end, "General Washington understood that the Revolutionary War was a test of wills, and his will was unbreakable." An obvious reference to his unbreakable will against all odds in the current Iraq mess--which he started.

Yes, these two men have so much in common. Sometimes you just can't believe what this guy says. I don't think any additional comments are necessary.

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hwki said...

Certainly our country has never been plagued with a bigger idiot in the oval than George W the lesser. I really have to wonder how anyone who voted for him can sleep at night--to say nothing of keeping their campaign stickers on their cars.