21 February 2007

News Flash....South Dakota's Abortion Bill Rejected

This just in from the Coat-Hanger state.....a South Dakota senate committee killed the latest abortion bill in a lopsided 8-1 vote. So the most recent anti-choice legislation in the state didn't even make it out of committee.

The right-wing nuts in South Dakota had somehow convinced themselves that their crushing November 2006 defeat was because their ballot measure contained no provisions for rape, incest, and the heath of the mother. But even with those provisions added, the results have been the same for the anti-choice radicals.

After this humiliating defeat for the zealots, regional
Planned Parenthood President and CEO Sarah Stoesz still offered a bit of olive-branch saying today that:

"Planned Parenthood is committed to providing women with practical tools that truly reduce the rates of unintended pregnancy. We call on all those interested in preventing abortion to join with us in working to secure practical tools that prevent unintended pregnancies, such as comprehensive family planning services and education for South Dakotans."

This makes it clear that the abortion debate might be waning--at least I hope say. And as Stoesz also mentions in her statement,
"criminalizing abortion will not eliminate it." Maybe people are finally starting to figure that out.

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