17 September 2008

A Nation In Decline

I think this country is in real trouble. We can't face our problems, and we refuse to even acknowledge the serious situation we are in. Instead, we flaunt our flag lapel pins, boast about what a great country we used to be, pray about everything, and try to divert attention by blaming people and groups who have nothing to do with these issues.

Case in point #1--John McCain has absolutely nothing to say about our serious economic problems. Instead of facing the truth, however, McCain has decided to spew some irrelevant crap about the soundness of the American worker. Yes, make sure to say something nice about an important segment of the population so they can feel good about themselves. In the meantime, offer the country no solutions. That's real leadership.

Case in point #2--Weren't we all so proud of the Republicans when they yelled "drill, drill, drill" in moronic unison at their convention? Let's not deal with the oil and energy problems in this country, that might make the public uncomfortable. A better idea is to have them believe there is a simple solution, drill! Now everyone is happy, no one is offended, and the public can sleep easy.

Obvious case in point #3 that has been going on for years--Instead of talking about our incoherent foreign policy, our inability to understand the world, and our immanent defeat in Iraq; let's just prattle on about those brave troops. The bigger questions surely aren't important, we need to make our people feel good about themselves.

My questions are these: first, are the American people so insecure and fearful that they can't even discuss social, political, and economic problems? And second, when are the people going to demand that these issues be considered?

I don't know who should shoulder more of the blame? But I think the public must ultimately force the politicians to debate these issues. What are we afraid of, that sacrifices will have to be made? Yes, that is going to happen, probably sooner rather than later.

This is truly a sad time to be an American. We have lost respect around the world, our economy is in shambles, a middle-class life is becoming impossible, and foreclosures, exorbitant health care costs, job losses, and poor education standards have become the norm. Yet, we still have not demanded that our current and future leaders address these issues.

Wave those flags, pray, support those troops, and talk to the kids about WWII: all our problems will surely go away!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your estimate I have been bemoaning the same issues for years. Today those idiots in DC announced that they want to bailout the numbskulls who thought they could make money by buying debt. Your average American could have told you that is not a sound business plan. The government intends to spend billions of dollars, which ironically we will have to borrow because the nation is in tremendous debt itself, on a losing deal (throwing good money after bad as my Grandmother would say) in the insane belief that it will help the economy. Have these guys been living in a bubble for the last two decades? In a global economy no bailout is going to fix a depression (yes I said Depression I call them like I see them). Only time and a return to saving and sound lending practices can mend the current crisis. I also personally feel insulted by the idea that my tax money will be used to cover rich people's loses in the stock market. Instead the government should seize the assets of the men who ran our economy into the ground sell them to the Europeans who can afford them the profits they can divide among the stockholders (pension funds first.) The fact that no one else appears too upset about this leaves me with little hope of the change you are seeking.

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