07 October 2008

McCain Falls Flat Once Again

Senator John McCain put in yet another dismal performance in this evening's debate with Illinois Senator Barack Obama. McCain--shown at left responding to a question about health care--was supposed to do well in this "town hall" debate style. After the debate, a McCain spokesperson said that the Arizona senator is considering asking for a totally different format in the final contest.

In addition, the McCain camp has also suggested new rules for the November election. McCain, a novice Scrabble player, wants all states below the Ohio River to have "triple word scores" regarding their electoral college votes--except for Florida because it lies so close to that country controlled by the evil Castro brothers. So Georgia would now have 45 electoral votes; South Carolina 24; Alabama 27, Mississippi 18; and Texas would have over 100! The McCain campaign says this is only fair since Obama has the elite, liberal media on his side. "We simply want to level the playing field" said Senator McCain in a press release given to Fox News after tonight's debate.

The Obama campaign had no comment.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that I was not the only one who thought that McCain was really showing his age in this debate.

CSP 2003

Thomas said...

I like the idea of multiple points for the South states. But somehow I wonder how often John ans Sarah play Scrabble ...

Anonymous said...

The poll is a tough one, since you are asking us to vote on pathetic AND despicable. Clearly McCain-Palin wins in the "pathetic" category many times over, while Bush-Cheney take "most despicable" hands down. Thus I am indeed forced to vote often so as to vote for both.

I think the next poll should be "which Republican ticket would be most able to field dress a moose?"